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Je Suis la Piste is a play on words,
meaning both "I follow the track" (suivre) and "I am the track" (être).

At Je Suis La Piste, we bring back to life the Know-Hows of our ancestors.
We re-discover them and put them into practice to be able to use them.
We learn to unravel the secrets of Nature to find our own place.

Workshops  are playful and bring concrete knowledge.  No new-age junk nor head-aching scientific theorems.  And as it is at the bottom of the Tree that we found its Fruits, you will first need to manipulate, observe and feel by yourself in order to get ready to receive that sought "ancient Know-How".

JSLP offers 3 different types of workshops :
Learn about the ancient Art of Tracking,
discover habits of Animals in situ
or test the various virtues of Plants.

Create intuitive Music on a self-made instrument,
gain deeper understanding of Nature through Drawing
or learn to Paint the Périgordian Rock-Art way.

Try braiding natural fibres into Rope,
Scout Space and Time without tools,
ignite Fire using friction or percussion,
and many more...

... but as everything is inter-connected, you will
soon realize that this classification only serves to
better understand the background of the subject :
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The Animator :
Fran6co is a qualified Architect with many passions : Comic-Strip drawing, Graphic design, Animations, Bow hunting, Didgeridoo playing, etc...
Through his long-time interest in Aboriginal cultures he discovered many marvellous aspects of the ancient Art of Tracking, in which he found that most of his other passions found their right place and took a lot more sense.  After many years of learning from different sources, he now feels the urge to transmit... even though he knows he will forever be a Learner in the great field of Nature.

Fran6co and Great Tit (alive and free).
Check out his work on his website, or his three edited Comic-Strips : Astuce & Truc, The Call of the Didjeridu and Codex Yamaya.
Of English origin, Francis will be able to teach you Tracking in the language of Shakespeare.  With the Red Cross certificates "Civic Prevention and Rescue level 1" and "Risk Reduction Initiation" (PSC1-IRR) he has competence in first-aid techniques.  However, each participant should be covered by his own civil liability, even though nothing bad should happen as this is not a survival trip !

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Hope to see you soon in the woods !